We are trying to increase individual and social welfare and happiness, to re-establish the harmony and balance between nature and human, to spread the common human culture (universal values), and to raise public awareness.


To produce solutions to environmental problems, in the light of scientific data and technological developments, by using the spiritual dynamics in the depths of our own culture.


In solidarity with civil society and public institutions in order to protect, beautify and transfer the natural, cultural and social environment to the future with confidence; To contribute to the formation of a society consisting of people with a critical and analytical mindset, committed to our cultural values, and high moral and environmental awareness.

Let's protect our

nature together.

Our relationship with our nature is broken. The reason is us! We are working to re-establish the balance that we have disturbed. Join us, let’s right the wrongs together.

We choose to live our lives assuming the responsibility of our natural journey with the awareness of all kinds of natural heritage left to us, being aware of the fact that nature does not only consist of those around us.

Our Projects

ÇEKUD continues to contribute to nature with the projects it has carried out in every corner of our country and in every country of the world, with the efforts of hundreds of thousands of volunteers who have delivered millions of saplings to the soil in 20 years.