130,000 seedlings donated by Korean nature lovers will be transformed into the Korea-Turkey Friendship Forest

Environmental Organizations Solidarity Association (ÇEKUD) will introduce 130 thousand seedlings donated by Korean nature lovers upon forest fires in Turkey to the soil by establishing a “Korea-Turkey Friendship Forest”.

Prof. Dr. Eyüp Debik, Chairman of the Board of ÇEKUD and board members paid a thank you visit to South Korea’s Ankara Ambassador Won Ik Lee for the seedling donations made by Korean nature lovers during the forest fires in Turkey.

Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, Ambassador Lee said, “Our friendship with Turkey, based on love and respect, is at a level that will set an example for the world. It is pleasing that the friendship between two countries is strengthened with an environmentalist approach and seedling donations.”

Noting that he found ÇEKUD‘s activities very beneficial, Ambassador Lee said: “I visited ÇEKUD‘s donation website and donated 50 seedlings, so that I will have trees planted in Turkey. The establishment of the Korea-Turkey Friendship Forest is a great pleasure for all of us. “It would be meaningful to establish the Korea-Turkey Friendship Forest in touristic places such as Istanbul, Antalya and Ephesus, where Korean tourists are familiar with and can visit when they come. I believe that our Korean citizens who will visit Turkey will desire to see this forest of friendship.”

“Our burning forests will also become green with the Korea-Turkey Friendship Forest that we will establish”

Prof. Dr. Debik gave information to Ambassador Lee about afforestation and environmental activities in Turkey. Stating that the friendship between the peoples of Turkey and Korea goes back to the past, Debik said, “While the forest fires, which deeply saddened us all, continued, South Korea Volleyball National Team Captain Kim Yeon-koung and the Korean National Team supporters called for seedling donation and thousands of Korean nature lovers showed great interest in this call. It not only alleviated our sadness but also confirmed that Korea-Turkey friendship is not temporary but permanent.”

Debik expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Turkish people to all Korean sports fans and nature lovers who continue their donations. Debik stated that they will bring the seedlings donated by Korean nature lovers to the soil by developing projects with the General Directorate of Forestry for the re-greening of the burned forests.

“We believe that the Korea-Turkey Friendship Forest, which we aim to realize in couple places in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara regions, will further consolidate and deepen the friendship, which is approaching a century, between the two countries. Our burning forests will also become greener and lusher with the Korea-Turkey Friendship Forest that we will establish” he assessed.

During the visit, the intention to hold the 6th International Environment and Morals Symposium in cooperation with ÇEKUD and Environment Foundation in 2022 with the partnership of one of the renowned universities in Korea was mutually expressed. At the end of the visit, ÇEKUD presented Ambassador Lee a certificate of 100 seedlings donated on his behalf and a T-shirt with the theme of “Have a Planted Tree” was presented to him. Ambassador Lee also presented a gift themed Turkish Veterans of the Korean War to the ÇEKUD administration.

ÇEKUD launched a seedling donation campaign with the motto “Rooted In Ourselves – The Green Homeland is Ours” due to the forest fires that took place in Turkey in the past weeks. Upon the call of the South Korean Volleyball National Team Captain Kim Yeon-koung and the Korean National Team supporters for seedling donation, thousands of Korean nature lovers donated over 130,000 seedlings to Turkey through the website; www.dikiliagacimvar.com for the regeneration of burned areas. Seedling donations are still ongoing.